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How to Use PowerBait

PowerBait Basics


 Powerbait is one of the best fishing innovations in years.  It is a product made by Berkley that made fishing easier for the beginner to fish without a lot of equipment and fishing experience.  A novice can successfully catch fish from the shore of a lake.  All the angler needs is fish in the water.  Powerbait isn't just for the novice, experts can use it also.  I am an experienced angler and I love using Powerbait.  Powerbait will catch trout, bluegill, catfish and bass.  Most anglers use PowerBait to catch trout.  Planted trout are the easiest to hook because they were raised on doughy pellets like PowerBait.  The key feature that PowerBait has is that it floats. Most other baits don't float.  Every buddy has an different idea about what rig to use for PowerBait.  I found this article that has a good description of a easy rig to set up and use.  Later in this post I'll explain how I use Powerbait.

How To Use PowerBait

Okay, this might seem simple enough, after all you just form your PowerBait into a ball around your hook and your good to go, right? Well technically yes, but there are some tips and techniques that can make your use of it much more effective. That’s what this article is about. How to use this synthetic bait in the most effective and efficient way so that you can catch more fish.
For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the bait that comes in little jars, and is mainly used to fish for trout. Not any trout, but mainly stocked trout. In my experience, native trout aren’t nearly as interested in PowerBait as their stocked cousins (who were born and grew up in a hatchery somewhere). The other thing that I’ve noticed about fishing with this type of bait is that it is most effective in still fishing situations, rather than in rivers and streams.
That being said, let’s get down to the business of how to use this jarred bait. As I eluded to earlier, I’m going to focus on still fishing with PowerBait, because still fishing is the most effective way to use this form of synthetic bait. The important factor to remember when still fishing with it is the fact that it floats. If for same reason you have a form of synthetic bait that doesn’t float, get some that does. The bait floating is a key to success. You see, when your synthetic bait floats, and is rigged properly (which you will learn in this article) it then floats above any underwater debris that might cause you problems.
The other thing to remember when fishing in this manner is to always use light line. In my opinion anything over six-pound test is overkill. As I said, we’re mostly fishing for trout when using this type of bait, and trout have very keen eyesight. If your fishing line is too heavy, the trout can see it underwater, and if this is the case, they will tend not to bite. So make sure that you’re employing light fishing line (no heavier than six-pound test) when using PowerBait to fish for trout.
The best way to make a PowerBait rig is this: grab the end of your line and slip on an egg sinker (1/4 to ½ an ounce). You need enough weight to keep your rig on the bottom, and that’s it, so if it’s windy, you’ll need a heavier sinker. Once the egg sinker has been slipped onto the line tie on a barrel swivel (size 10 or 12) as a “stopper”. At this point tie on a set of pre-tied #8 or #10 gang hooks. Gang hooks give you the ability to double the amount of bait that you have floating off of the bottom. Now add enough PowerBait to each hook to completely cover each hook. This is the rig and the best way to use this type of bait.
Now cast this rig out and let it sink. Once it’s on bottom, simply reel in the slack line until your line is completely taught. You’re incidentally going to want to rest you rod against some sort of solid object. Now you wait for bites. You can tell you’re getting a bite because the rod tip will begin to bounce. Another great tip is to make sure that you’re fishing at the most opportune times Having the weather and/or moon in your favor makes a huge difference in the amount of bites you will get.
If you’ve ever wondered how to use PowerBait, this is it. This technique (rig) is extremely effective when using this “play dough” as bait. If you ever wondered how to use this type of bait, now you know.
Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana!
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My PowerBait Rig


The only difference between Trevor’s rig and my rig is I use a single hook instead of ganged hooks.  Also I use ultra lite rod and reel with 2 lb line.  Here is a drawing of the rig I use.

I love fishing with PowerBait.  All the tackle I need can be carried in my pockets.  Actually I use a butt bag.  Two or Three jars of PowerBait in different colors and something to sit on is all I need.  This technique is also great for kids to use.
Berkley makes so many different colors of PowerBait that it is hard to choose which to buy.  I like to have chartreuse, yellow and rainbow.  Get them with sparkles if available.  The cost varies  from $3.00 to $6.00 per jar.  I buy mine after the season closes.  Actually I buy a lot of my fishing gear during closeout sales.


Here is a video I like with some good ideas and a handy tool.  He give a very complete demonstration, even how to tie preferred knots, to construct the PowerBait rig.

That all I have for now I hope you you will give PowerBait a try, you will like it.